70-294 Concept: FSMO > Infrastructure Master

graduationHere are the design considerations surrounding the FSMO Role: Infrastructure Master:

  • This FSMO is responsible for tracking object changes in Active Directory
  • Like to be with the RID (since you place the RID where most changes occur)
  • Should not be on a GC Server, unless GC is installed on all DCs

Exam Alert: In general FSMO Roles should never be placed “anywhere”, they should always be placed somewhere intentionally; yet there are sometimes the “best answer” is “any other domain controller”.

70-294 Concepts: Where to place Global Catalogs

graduationWhen designing a multi-site environment, here are the considerations you should take when deciding which sites require a Global Catalog:

  • Use a Global Catalog instead of Universal Group Membership when AD information is required by an application at another site
  • Uses more bandwidth compared to Universal Group Memberships
  • Requires greater computer resources compared to Universal Group Memberships
  • When you want to control Global Catalog replication, use the Preferred Bridgehead Server setting
  • IgnoreGCFailures registry key; apply to all DC to prevent GC failures from preventing logon

70-294 Concept: Cache Universal Group Membership

graduationEnable Universal Group Membership instead of Global Catalog in Active Directory Sites where:

  • There is low WAN usage <90%
  • The need for a GC is purely for authenticiation, and logon times are slow
  • Use only needed in multi-domain environments
  • The hardware is unable to support a Global Catalog

Exam Alert: Uniersal Group Membership, while technicially a caching mechanism, is not considered “cached credentials” for the purpose of answering exam questions. So if the exam states that you do not want to use cached credentails, UGM is okay – they are referring to using cached credentials on the local PC.

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