Conflicker Worm (updated) information you can use


There has been a lot of media hype over the last couple of days regarding a worm called Conficker which is supposedly going to create mass havoc on April 1. We have received several calls from concern clients regarding this and I wanted to provide an authoritative source of information you, our valued clients. I have been disturbed by the way the national media has reported on this worm as they provided background information, but do not answer your basic question… what do I do now?


The Conficker worm has been infecting computers since 2008 and has been silently operating on many computers across the global. They are part of a wider know series of threats known as BOTNETs which can effectively turn infected computers into “BOTs” to perform the desired tasks of the maker, such as sending spam or hacking activity. More information on Conficker and BOTNETS can be found below. Continue reading “Conflicker Worm (updated) information you can use”

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