Lexmark E120n

To say that I’m not a fan of Lexmark printers would be a significant understatement. Over the last 12 years, I have never had more trouble with any printer than Lexmark series units. From home ink jets to $4000 color laserjets, they are nothing but trouble for the IT Professional. And it was to my great dismay that one of our customers purchased the cheapest Lexmark E120n to replace their HP Laserjet 4050 for envelope printing.

However, it was with great astonishment that the E120n printer installed with ease and worked as promised out of the box. Infact the only configuration I needed to make out of the box directly related to the fact that they only used this for printing envelopes:

  • Configure the primary tray for envelopes instead of letter sized paper
  • Configure the driver to rotate the print 180 degrees because it was easier to rotate the image instead of training the end users to put the envelopes in the proper way
  • Configure Microsoft Office to use the default tray instead of the bypass tray

With these minor changes, which likely would have been required for even 1000 series HP Laserjet, the replacement printer worked great. With my personal comments reserved until the end, about the only comment left to offer up was that this much smaller unit will offer up a slower per-page print, and probably half the lifespan compared to the 4000 series HP – then again with the cost difference, you could afford to purchase 4 or 5 of these Lexmarks compared to a 4300 HP.

Koodos to Lexmark for getting things right!

Checkout the Lexmark E120n on their online store