Force workstation loggoff after inactivity

i found you!There are various situations where you may want a computer to automatically loggoff the user when they have been idle for a period of time. The most freqnet use for this is for shared workstations, such as on a production floor, or other open access area. In the past, a common method was to enable a “role based” user account, such as shipping or quality control. This logon was known to all users of the specific workstation.

There is, however a tool available which is basically a screen saver hack, provided by Microsoft, which, when enabled, will log off the user instead of displaying a screen saver. This effectively permits multiple users to share the same system throughout the day, while retaining seperate, secret passwords – without hindering the other user when they forget to log off. Now it is still a better practice to actually log off, but this is a great fail safe alternative: WinExit.scr – you can find it at: