70-290 Concepts: Remote Server Management and IIS

·          The Remote Assistance feature is turned on by default in WinXP Pro, but is turned off by default on Server 2003. Requires both systems to be XP or 2003

·          Requests can be sent via e-mail, Windows Messenger, or via an RA File. TCP port 3389 inbound is required to be open on the firewall.

·          You can connect to a terminal server’s local console by using the mstsc.exe /console command, or via the MMC

·          IIS 6 is not installed by default, but be installed via add/remove programs, 404 errors are provided for any feature not installed

·          IIS logs are, by default, located in %windir%\System32\Logfiles\W3svc1

·          IIS metabase (configuration) contains all important information, using an XML format %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\metabase.xml

You can important an entire IIS metabase from one computer to another using iisback.vbs or iiscnfg.vbs /copy.