Troubleshooting and Resolving BlackBerry Activation Issues

blackberry activation

By Ahmed Datoo, VP marketing, Zenprise

Zenprise is partnering with BlackBerry Cool to address how to resolve some of the most common BlackBerry activation problems. Through a series of 10 articles, readers will learn how to identify key log file errors, tests and configurations critical to identifying the root cause of enterprise activation issues.

The articles will explore common failures in the 4 unique stages of the activation process: stage 1 activation, stage 2 verifying encryption, stage 3 receiving services, and stage 4 slow synchronization process. Special thanks to Brian Bernard at RIM for providing the content for this troubleshooting series.

In this first article, Zenprise addresses what to do when a BlackBerry device is missing an Enterprise Activation icon on the home screen. For BlackBerry administrators, users experiencing this problem will typically not get past the first stage of the activation process (i.e., activation stage).

Issue 1 – The Enterprise Activation icon on the home screen is missing

If the end user does not see an Enterprise Activation icon on the home screen, than this implies one of two problems: either the BlackBerry smartphone is not set for wireless activation or that the device was previously activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

There are several possible ways to resolve this problem. :

1. Have the BlackBerry user verify with the wireless service provider that the BlackBerry is registered for service provisioning access.

Tip: To activate a BlackBerry smartphone on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, a wireless service provider must first provision the smartphone for enterprise and prosumer service.

2. Have the user verify that the BlackBerry received the provisioning service book by selecting the following:

• Options > Advanced Options > Service Book
• The user should see an entry labeled Provisioning

Tip: The Advance Options* menu is available only in BlackBerry device software 4.1 or later. If the advanced menu is not available, the user can open the Options menu and select Enterprise Application.

If the BlackBerry smartphone is already activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you won’t see the Enterprise Activation icon. Once activated, the Enterprise icon disappears from the BlackBerry’s home screen.

Here is a possible workaround to this scenario:

1. Have the user perform a security wipe on the BlackBerry and then attempt the activation process again.

Tip: The following procedure will remove all data from the BlackBerry smartphone.

• Select Options > Security Options > General Options
• Display the menu and select Wipe Handheld

Once activated, you can also access the Enterprise Activation screen by selecting the following:

• Options > Advanced Options > Enterprise Activation