How to Add a Master Domain Administrator Account to the Local Administrators Group of a Resource Workstation

To add a domain Administrator account to the local Administrators group on a workstation in a resource domain, use the Cusrmgr.exe tool, which is part of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

At a command prompt, type the following command, in this syntax

cusrmgr.exe -m \\remotecomputer -alg localgroup -u globalgroup

where remotecomputer is the name of the remote workstation, localgroup is the name of an existing local group on the remote workstation, and globalgroup is the name of an existing global group in the domain.

If the user logs on with Administrator permissions to the workstation, you can incorporate the Cusrmgr.exe tool into the workstation’s logon script.

If the user does not log on with Administrator permissions, run the Cusrmgr.exe tool from another workstation that does have domain Administrator permissions for the resource domain. Specify the relevant workstation when you run the Cusrmgr.exe tool. If more than one workstation is involved, you can use a batch file.

For more information about the Cusrmgr.exe tool, including command syntax and further examples, view the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools Help file.

This was based on Microsoft KB 297307