IIS Web Page Redirect

I was asked today about setting up a redirect so that when users go to: http://www.companyalias.com they are directed to a specific page on http://www.company.com/aliaspage

This is really easy in IIS 5.0

  1. Simply right click on “Web sites” and create a new website, provide it the hostname of the alias domain “companyalias.com” and point it to an empty directory on your server.
  2. Then right click on the newly created website and select properties
  3. Click the “Home Directory” tab
  4. Select “A redirection to a URL” and enter the URL you want to redirect to.
  5. Then you need to decide on if you want this to be a permanent redirect… In most cases you want this to be considered a temporary redirect so that Google and other search engines will retain the alias domain name in their searches. If you select permanent, it will indicate to Google that they should purge the old domain name and update it with the new destination location.

You’re all set and ready to test!