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I brought over to this blog several (okay 50) blog posts I did back in 2007-2009 on management, business growth and managed services. The are now part of this website with the original date intact. Here is a quick highlight of some of those:

Customer Service is about the relationship between a great customer experience contrasted against minimizing corporate liability.

Employees is the old adage, slow to hire, quick to fire.

Spend money to save time – I share about the relationship between time and money and at which point it is valuable to spend money instead of time on specific tasks.

Building relationships is about cultivating key relationships with individuals who can help your business grow

Building your legal team – I share about the value behind establishing your legal team early, and before you really need them

Building a moat is sound advice from Warraen Buffet regarding building an economic moat to protect your business by creating a market differentiation

The Principle of the Mater is about the cost associated with doing something out of the staying “principle of the mater” instead of a sound judgement.

Virtual Office Space is how to provide a big business look and feel without the associated costs. This is a great option for professionals who can work from home, but need an upscale meeting place.

Changing Services speaks to the importance of keeping to your key areas of expertise and avoid branching out unnecessarily after money.

The Counter Offer is about the growing trend in attempts to retain departing employees, and the risks in trying too hard to keep them at your company.


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