Quick Performance Check – Windows 10

If your computer is running slowly, and perhaps you’ve already checked out my article on computer performance, the next thing to consider is your hardware, but outside of replacing the entire system, what should you upgrade. There are a lot of choices, but the most easy to upgrade is your hard disk and memory. The processor and video card are a bit more involved.

Back in the days of Windows 7 we had this nifty Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT) which easily provided you a numerical index to focus on what the slowest component of your system. But then when Windows 8 came around, the tool appeared to, well, disappear!

But all is not lost, and the tool is not gone. Rather the graphical interface is gone. Rumors persist that the OEM vendors of computer equipment were the reason the tool disappeared because people purchased computers and then lamented that the tool showed that systems marked as performant, were actually giving off low numbers. In reality the tool is best placed in the hands of experts, but they also least need the tool. However it can make the IT Professional’s life easier and make for a faster route to find an easy upgrade without a computer replacement altogether.