WH: Dress Code

After working from home for years, I put together this new series of posts to help those who are working from home for the first time. Tips and tactics to get more done in a day.

Today we’re going to look into the dress code when you work from home. There are many different views on this topic. Here are a few of mine:

I learned from an early age that how you dress actually affects you – it goes beyond just comfort. Sure one of the nice things about being socially distant is that you could work in your pajamas, but should you?

Much study has gone into this, and what has been discovered is that those who work in non-standard work attire (pajamas, sweats, etc.) have a lower overall performance IF your job is a typical desk or professional job. So from a performance, and getting stuff done approach – get dressed like you’re going to the office. And for me, it is typically head-to-toe — yes socks and shoes too.

Just like having a separate work area, it helps keep you in that “work mindset”. So even a casual answer of the cell phone generally has a more business versus casual tonality when answering. Plus if you have any impromptu webinars, video chats, zoom, google hangout, etc., you’re already set to succeed.

We’ve all seen the videos of people having absolutely no clue when on a video conference call. Don’t be “that guy” who looks like he just rolled out of bed, still have their curling rollers in their hair (do people really do that anymore?), or just are lounging on the sofa. Listen people are probably making fun of somebody, and I’d rather be made fun of for looking like I’m at the office, then the one who looks the worst. More on video conferences in another article.

But back to clothing… Keep up your routine — if you normally shower every other day, then keep doing that. Shave, keep yourself presentable. No need to return back to the office in a month looking like a caveman! Also from a phycological perspective, maintaining certain routines helps preserve normalcy in times of great change. It helps keep you calmer, more centered, about your work and life. And whatever you normally do when you get home from work (kick off the shoes, change into something comfortable, take off the tie, whatever) — do that. Keep whatever office schedule you set up for yourself.

Please take a moment and share in the comments below your routines for working from home dress code. What have you been wearing, and does this article change your mind in any way?