CognacBox v4.0 Released

CognacBox is a a super-simple LAMP stack for Vagrant and VirtualBox 7 for web developers, including Laravel and Symfony Frameworks, and much more! This is the 2023 update which brings the latest stable, Long Term Supported libraries to the LAMP stack.


  • OS: Ubuntu-22.04-LTS ** Long term support through 2027
  • APACHE: 2.4 with headers, rewrite, includes, expires
  • PHP: PHP 8.1 & 8.2 with Zend Engine & OPCache
    • PHP Modules: bcmath, bz2, cgi, gd, imap, intl, mbstring, odbc, pspell, tidy, xmlrpc, zip
  • VIM: 8.2
  • Databases: MySQL 8, SQLite 3, Redis & MEMCACHE
  • Beanstalkd, NGROK, Mailhog
  • NodeJS
    • gulp, grunt, bower, yo, browser-sync, browserify, pm2, webpack
  • GoLang, Python and OpenSSL
  • VirtualBox Host Additions for version 7


  • All major PHP frameworks including Laravel & Symfony!

Release Notes

  • NEW: PHP 8.0 and Composer 2.0 and Yarn 0.32
  • HTTPS/SSL: Self Signed https enabled by default (access either http or https content)
  • PHP Sendmail now defaults to use Mailhog
  • General update of all features to the latest available as of March 2021

Click here to visit the Github Repo for Cognac Box – Development Server & ScotchBox Alternative.