Don’t forget the person

This will be a bit different than you first might expect. This is about lessons learned about not forgetting the people in your life…away from the office. As I read more and more about successful people they have managed to hold together their personal lives in various forms, and despite what the media appears to focus on, more successful people are happily married with children, then the multi-marriage-disaster we’ve come to expect.

While growing and forming your business is very, very critical — and is one of those: do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do – sort of things. On the same part, sometimes we “want” to do work, and what we need to do is pour value and significance onto our families and friends. We will all pour so much into the office and our employees, who may betray us at some point — our families are forever, and we need to remember and treat them as such.

For each person, that attention and value can and will be expressed differently. For some it is coming home always at 4pm, for others if was when they got home (whatever hour) they were automatically, fully 100% devoted to their family, virtually ignoring the world; yet others it would take the form of occasional (but frequent) holidays and vacations – or perhaps “weekends with dad”. Whatever form suits you and your family, find it, and then live it — commit to it. Whatever it takes for you, if that is placing it on the calendar, or having your spouse “hound you” or having your secretary keep you on-top. Whatever it takes, it is vital. Your homelife will have a greater impact on your work, far beyond what you could ever imagine.


The adventures begin when a person moves from a sole proprietorship to a company with multiple employees. The adage of “slow-to-hire, quick-to-fire” somehow becomes muddled and reversed! Making the first few employee choices very quick, and then hanging on to them for far, far too long. Until there is a breaking point, damage is done, and relationships are broken… both between employer, employee – along with collateral damage with other employees and customer/vendors.

Recently we have been faced with having take measures to let an employee know that his behaviour was getting out of line. Instead of simply blowing the company off, they became abusive and attack the company and it’s management. Not surprising, certainly. Worse yet, we really had no idea of just how well we were taking care of our employee’s compensation and benefits until this event forced is to look into it. And while sitting in the office with our HR Attorney, we recounted the same story … “how could they do that when we treat them so well…like family?” However, they tell us that is what they hear weekly. The employer who feels that they bent over backwards for an employee who simply back stabbed the employer over something menial. And typically it comes down to money. Oh, there are other words and feeling exchanged, but frequently money is the bottom line.

Going forward, a bit slower to hire, and much faster to get rid of potential dead weight!

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