Corrective Action

It is amazing how many people are interested in self improvement and the vast number of books that you can find at a local bookstore, yet in business it is surprisingly hard to find employees who are interested in improving themselves. Yes, they would all say they are open to improvement, and many may read books, attend seminars or take other steps towards change… Yet, when change comes to their doorsteps, they resist it. Today I was talking to one of our customers about the process of disciplinary action — corrective action. When an employee goes beyond their boundaries, certain action is required in order to bring the situation into it’s proper place.

Another example would be a business meeting I had with a “membership officer” of a local networking group – one of their policies is attendance, very strict. And you can be removed from the group for attendance issues. However, many groups will give a little too much grace in this area. In order to keep this attendance policy, not only should the warning notices actually be sent out, but the members dismissed if they fail to correct their actions.

Everyone should be interested in correcting their actions. There is little need for a reason or excuse, simply take the steps needed and move forward – correct the action – make yourself better. Don’t sit in apathy, and become disgruntled, or have your pride hurt simply because it was discovered that you’re not the shining example of perfection that you thought that everyone perceived you to be. Wake up! You’re not perfect, and we all know that – and we also know that we, ourselves, are not perfect. So, where do we go? Humbly, take whatever steps it takes to move forwards towards a better you — as an employee, employer or friend.