Recovery procedure to recover from a lost Password or User Name for an APC UPS

Recovery procedure to recover from a lost Password or User Name for an APC UPS system

1. Select a serial port at the computer to be used for a terminal-emulation connection with the Management Card.

2. Disable any service that currently uses the selected serial port, such as PowerChute plus or UNIX Respond.

3. Disconnect any cable from the selected serial port and connect the smart-signaling cable (940-0024) that came with the Management Card to the selected serial port and to the serial port on the UPS or chassis.
Note: If the computer uses smart-signaling PowerChute plus, omit Step 3: A smart-signaling cable (940-0024 or 940-1524) is already installed.

4. Run a terminal program (such as HyperTerminal).

5. Configure the serial port for 2400 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control, and save the changes.

6. Press ENTER to display the User Name prompt (you may need to press ENTER two or three times).

7. Press the reset button on the Management Card.
(This will reboot the card but will not reboot the UPS.)
***For cards with the most recent firmware (2.5.0 or higher), you will need to press the reset button an additional time.
Once the status light on the card starts flashing rapidly between orange and green, press the reset button again.
You will see the light on the card go off for roughly 30-45 seconds. Once the light comes on, proceed to step 8.***

8. Press ENTER to redisplay the User Name prompt.

9. Use apc for both the User Name and Password to log in.
Note: If you take longer than 30 seconds to log in, you will need to repeat Step 6 through Step 8.

10. Select System from the Control Console menu.

11. Select User Manager from the System menu.

12. Select Administrator from the User Manager menu, and follow the on-screen instructions to change the User Name
and Password settings to the new values.
***Please note that your password is only limited to 10 characters or less.***

13. Escape out to the main menu

14. Log out (4) to save the changes.

15. If necessary, reconnect any cable disconnected from the computer’s serial port in Step 3.

16. Restart any service disabled in Step 2.