XenServer: Changing management adapter in pool

After going through several rounds of problems to move a management adapter for a xenserver pool, I have found the following working process. However, it is because of this processes that Citrix makes very clear that you should configure it properly in the first place, and if you need to make changes post-installation, to make them BEFORE you join it to a pool… Also you must change the subnet when changing interfaces. Even if you need to move it to a temporary, non-existant IP address space, and then move it back to the correct IP address space after you are on the correct network interface.

However, lets say you have a pool in production and you need to make the change…

  1. Perform a metadata backup and back up your virtual machines before performing the rest of this procedure.
  2. Disable High Availability from XenCenter, if enabled.
  3. Disable external authentication (Active Director)
  4. Log on to a pool member from the physical console and change the management interface IP address
  5. From the xsconsole, go to Network and Management Interface > Configure Management Interface.
    1. Note: xsconsole freezes when the change is applied. You can use the key sequence CTRL+Z to gain access to the command prompt to run step 4 below. Then, use the command fg %1 to return to xsconsole and exit cleanly.
  6. From the CLI: use the following command: xe pif-reconfigure-ip uuid= IP= gateway= netmask= DNS= mode=
  7. To locate the correct PIF uuid for pif-reconfigure command, use the following command: xe pif-list params=uuid,host-name-label,device,management
  8. From the CLI, run the following command: xe-toolstack-restart
  9. The server enters the emergency mode. Verify that the server is using the new IP address. You can ping it from another host. Try a Secure Shell connection to it, or use the ifconfig command. Verify that the server is in emergency mode by running xe host-is-in-emergency-mode from the CLI. You should get True as the output.
  10. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on each of the pool members.
  11. Change the management interface IP address on the pool master using step 3 above.
  12. Run the following command on the pool master: xe-toolstack-restart
    From the CLI, on each of the pool members, run xe pool-emergency-reset-master master-address=IP_OF_THE_MASTER.
  14. Verify the correct status of the pool. Connect with XenCenter to the new master’s IP address and check everything from there.
  15. Re-enable High Availability and external authentication, if required

If during this process, any of your pool-slave hosts reboot and show missing management interface, and no network cards, please see our post over at: http://reddingitpro.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/xenserver-missing-network-cards-pool-member/

You can also view a video walk through of this process at: http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/4330

Adapted from CTX123477