Default Dell/Wyse BIOS Password

Updated December 2020:

What are the BIOS Passwords for Dell Wyse Thin Clients / Wyse Terminal

BIOS password is set from the factory and cannot be changed.

The BIOS on most recent Wyse PXE capable thin clients is accessed by holding down the delete or F2 key during boot. If that doesn’t work you can try to “pulse” it (repeatedly pressing it) during bootup.

Once in the BIOS, enter the Case-Sensitive password: Fireport

Note: F is in capital letters, the rest is lower case.


2020 Update:

Wow, this page continues to be the top overall results, thank you! It is top Google results just under Dell official website! This was originally made for the Wyse Bios Password, but here are the Other Wyse Default Passwords you might be looking for:

If you’re not looking for the BIOS password, but the username/password default for the image, depending on the client you can try:

  • Default Wyse Console Password & Wyse Image Password:
    • username: Administrator or [blank]
    • password: DellCCCvdi or Wyse#123 or Administrator or administrator
  • Default ThinLinux passwords:
    • password: admin
  • Default Wyse VNC password: Wyse or Password
  • Default Wyse FTP password:
    • username: rappot
    • password: r@p8p0r+
  • Default Winterm passwords:
    • username: root or vnc or [blank]
    • password: wyse or winterm or [blank]

You can also view this link to learn about accessing a Wyse Thin Client using VNC


This information is valid for a large number of Thin Clients including:
Wyse® Enhanced, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 7 WFR2, Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Standard 2009, ThinLinux
Products: C90LE7, D90D7, R90L7, R90LE7, X90c7, X90m7, Z90D7, Z90DE7, Z90S7, R10L, R10, Z90, R90, C90, 9650, 3030,  Winterm, 3150, 5060, 5070, Wyse 7010 Thin Client / Z90D7, Wyse 3030 Thin Client, Wyse ThinOS, Wyse 7020 Thin Client, Wyse 3020 Thin / Zero Client, Wyse 5040 AIO Thin Client, Wyse 5050 All-In-One, Wyse 5020 Thin Client

Originally published May 8, 2012 — updated December 16, 2020