Building Relationship

As we’ve gone through the years of building our small business, it has become abundantly clear that meeting and knowing the right people is the cause of many successes in business. You may have all of the knowledge, and do the right thing; provide excellent service and be great at what you do. However, more often then not, it is meeting the right person at the right time, and knowing it – and then leveraging it for all it’s worth! We can look at Bill Gates who happened upon the creator of DOS and brought it to new heights – and it was a real win-win for both; and while Gates really made out in the end, the poor developer still made far more than he probably would have without Bill. So many it is the strategic relationship. Or it is the introduction which is made to open up all new markets and customer bases. Knowing your stuff is critical, however it will not take you very far. It is making the right relationships, taking the time to network and really build those partnerships. And it really help to “network” by showing how you can see yourself helping them, providing to them, to grow their network, businesses, impact — not how you can use them to see your services, exploit them to grow your business. There is an old adage of givers-gain, or paying-forward. See what you can bring to the table for the other person, and it can return huge dividends. Two of the greatest sources of businesses for our company has resulted from meeting key individuals after we took the effort to go out of our way to help other people succeed.